Helping Individuals Establish a Successful Career

        Looking for the right job or a career change, but not sure how to go about it? Our employment coaching services are designed to support and assist with your job search. From decision making to career planning and goal setting, you can rely on our employment coach to steer you on the path to success. Our highly interactive, one-on-one process is here to help Grand Prairie residents and surrounding areas find a satisfying career and to be become self-resilient.

       The job market can be tough, both for those without a job as well as individuals who are employed but looking for a change. We provide the tools to help the unemployed, under employed or person looking for a change to find a new career. EC makes a difference because of our comprehensive and personalized niche.


       Whether you are just starting out, looking for a second career or a new job—our employment coach can guide and support you every step of the way. The coach will assess your suitability for a program as well as help you with the application process.

       Our employment coaching is an empowering and motivational experience. Our coaches bring diverse abilities and experiences providing extensive resources to help you successfully transition to your new career. From forging connections with other organizations and service providers to assistance with resume writing, interview preparation and the development of job search strategies. We can help you find a career that fits.


Therefore, our vision, “Building a world of lasting livelihood and mentorship” is key. We provide you with the necessary tools to create your own success.


We emphasis and encourage family members to resolve to do the following :


       Believe that you can do it! Do not limit yourself!

       Work hard and focus on your efforts. You need to want to achieve.

       What do you want and not what others want?

       Do you want it bad enough to do what it takes?

       Self-belief is paramount to self-sufficiency. Build on your self-confidence.


       EC’s team provides service to you from wherever you are. Virtual Employment Coaching allows you to access the vast knowledge and resources that will assist you in achieving your employment goals! The coaching team will adhere to virtual learning until further notice of rules and regulation surrounding COVID-19 have changed and will be conduct in person training and workshops.

       Internet access is required for most of the platforms through which we can offer virtual coaching such as Skype, Facetime, or duo (a Google app for Android). If a family member does not have access to the previously mentioned-we are happy to work with you via phone. An employment coach will discuss the best method of communication to ensure that you are receiving the best service we can provide.

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