Fee Checklist for Services

Career Services Packages*

*These packages include cover letter, resume, reference page.

Other Services

*Free 15 minutes for consultation

(1) New customers will receive a free 20-minute consultation where they can better explain their goals and needs. If we agree to continue, the next session will last approximately 60 minutes and we will discuss your needs in greater detail along with answering all questions you may have.  Pricing will be discussed in detail once you have determined if Eva’s Closet is a fit for your need of a career coach.


(2) The basic career package includes job search services (i.e. helps with job preparation, career readiness, and skill development) relating to all the jobs, business or any other type of work performed by an individual during their life. 

(3) The professional career package includes the basic job search services; however, it provides additional customized services which involves coaching and marketing the individual’s career through LinkedIn and other networking sites .

(4) The mock interview session prepares the client to answer behavioral-based interview questions. 

Please fill in information and any special request. Then press Submit to bring up payment information.
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