Our Mission

We are committed to promoting and improving human life as ministerial and social services professionals. Eva's Closet is peerless in providing training programs and seminars which will educate, encourage, and empower people while building a pathway to achieve personal excellence.

Our Vision

Eva’s Closet sees a bright future for oppressed, marginalized, and discouraged people, as well as those who seek to better their lives, by accomplishing three things:

  1. Encouraging and strengthening people in formal training sessions and one-on-one settings in order to heal them from the assaults of life

  2. Empowering people to see the value of each of them individually as well as their unique contribution to others and employers

  3. Excelling in life and professions by obtaining new skills and honing existing skills needed for a variety of life, family and professional settings.

Our Core Values

  • Transparency: No operational or financial practice of Eva’s Closet will be deceptive or concealed

  • Caring: Eva’s Closet will endeavor to provide holistic care to every group or individual based on need

  • Encouragement: Eva’s Closet is committed to tirelessly encouraging people whenever and wherever the opportunity arises

  • Empowerment: At the core of Eva’s Closet’s reason for existence is the empowerment of defeated and discouraged people whatever the reason may be

  • Professionalism: Eva’s Closet endorses professional behavior as defined by civility, polite and considerate discourse, and mutual respect all along any religious, ethnic, socio-economic and political continuum because everyone has a voice.

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